I worked today from 2-6. Today was a rainy dreary today. I was expecting today to be pretty slow, even though it’s a holiday. Hah. I knew something wasn’t good when I got to the mall and had trouble finding a parking place. It was even worse than on Saturday afternoons (the busiest times). I walked into the store and it was crammed with people. It was extremely busy between 2 and 5. It slowed down after that. I hadn’t ever worked there when it was that busy. It was like Christmas time busy. It made the time go fast at least.
The acting manager (really an assistant manager but the manager is out on maternity leave) hasn’t made the schedule for next week yet. I’m a little nervous about seeing it. The real manager scheduled me for four days working, three off. The only schedule the acting manager made was for this week and I work 5 days and slightly over the 25 hours I had specified I could work (I said 20-25 per week). The next few weeks some of the other associates are going away. I do *not* want to work over 25 hours. I have my assignments to do for school. I want to do well and really learn it, especially since we’re learning Illustrator in this next class. If I have to work more, that means I don’t have as much free time, which means I don’t devote as much as that free time to schoolwork.
Plus I just can’t take working more than 25 hours. I really don’t want to work 5 days a week either. I know that sounds kind of bad, since most people work 5 days a week. And some of the office jobs I had considered would have been for 5 hours 5 days a week. I didn’t ask to have 3 days off at this job, she had just scheduled me for them. But I quickly came to realize I needed them to allow my body time to rest.
I think I need to see a doctor soon. There’s something work with my hips/legs/knees. I know there’s something wrong with my left hip and right knee. The right knee isn’t new, I’ve had that problem since I was about 16. My hips (mostly left) have been bothering me since last summer. I don’t know why. When I lay on my sides to sleep, my hips start aching after awhile. When I walk, I wobble if I don’t pay attention. And sometimes I can’t make myself not wobble. It’s sort of as if one of my legs suddenly got shorter than the other. And it’s not just something I notice. When Joe and I went out to Missouri we went bowling with some of his family. I thought I was walking pretty normal but his sister asked him if there was something wrong with my hip. At work there’s a mirror on the end of the hallway to the back room and if I watch myself walk down the hallway, I can see that when I walk my left shoulder dips down a lot lower when I take a step than my right shoulder does. Like I said, I don’t know what could be wrong. This past summer I noticed I was sitting cross-legged on my computer chair a lot but I don’t know if I had always done that or just noticed it. Or if that could even cause anything. I can’t blame it on my weight gain either. I’ve gained about 16 pounds since the fall, pretty much mostly in my hips and thighs area. But the hip problem started over the summer when I was weighing 118. I hate going to the doctor for things like this. I’m not actually “sick”. Plus he’ll most likely just refer me to an orthopedic guy anyway.

  • You should always go to the doc with anything like that. Especially seeing as it is affecting your walking. Go get it checked out. You may find it amounts to nothing more than and old injury playing up or something to do with posture etc. I dunno, I’m not a doc, but I hope you get it checked out. Good luck.

  • yeah, definitely go to a doctor – that sounds bad. :( I hope it’s nothing serious! I doubt sitting cross-legged on the computer chair would cause anything like that… I do it all the time. but you never know. *hugs*

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