Next time I decide to start a new job, move, and take classes in the same week, shoot me. Really. Tonight was my second night working. Today my body had finally stopped hurting from Monday. Now it’s killing me again. I have to work again tomorrow night and then spend all Friday packing and then move Saturday. Plus finish my assignments for class by Friday night (no time Saturday to finish). Friday I have to be at the new apartment between 1-3. That’ll be a lot of fun. Sitting in a completely empty apartment waiting for the cable guy to show up.
I still have a fair amount of stuff to pack. Mainly it’s stuff that wouldn’t be practical to pack before hand. I should have packed some yesterday though but my body just hurt too much to move.
Work is going okay. The worst part is standing on my feet and walking around and lifting/moving things for hours. I’m used to sitting on my butt all day. Moving is good though. I can finally lose that extra weight. Hopefully. Must get ready…Joe will be here soon.