For those of you who read my Denying Reality from yesterday know that my monitor is quite possibly going bad. It’s doing okay today so I’m unsure whether or not to buy a new one. Yesterday it was having horizontal line flickering and making pinging/popping sounds. I decided that if I do need to get one, I’m getting this black 19″ CRT one. It’s $315. I could get a cheaper one but this one seems to be one of the better ones. One of the fans in my computer is also going bad I think. It’s making odd noises. I opened up the case and cleared the dust out. Now my allergies are horrible. There was a ton of dust in there. But the whirring is still there. I’m pretty sure it’s coming from a fan but I don’t know which one. I’ll have to wait till Joe comes over again to figure that out.

I got my grade for my first assignment at AIU. 113 out of 125. Class average was 109. It comes out to a 90.5, which is an A there. Yay! My grades for Millersville come out this Friday. I’m not too anxious to see them. Don’t think I did that well.

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