Lately I’ve been really into the music of Loreen McKennitt & Blackmore’s Night. Can anyone recommend any music that is similar to either of them? Celtic/Renaissance type music.

Speaking of Blackmore’s Night, I’m going to see if Joe wants to go see them near Philly in September. I really want to go and the tickets aren’t too expensive. It’s only about 2 hours from here.

  • omg! they PLAY in the US? where did you find the ticket info? Jesse and I have been dying to go but they’ve only been touring in Europe for the longest time!

  • I remember when Ritchie Blackmore was in Deep Purple !!!! Now he’s like a travelling hobbit banjo player or something isn’t he. He’s gone all medieval. What happened to “Smoke on the water” ????

  • On their website:
    This is the second time they’ll be in PA this year. They’ll also be at NJ, VA, and IL. Maybe you and Jesse could take a road trip :)

  • she’s very seriously considering this. they are like her Stevie Nicks (Candice Night, btw, is a big Stevie fan – I wasn’t surprised, given her musical style and the way she dresses! whee!) and she wants so badly to go. :)

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