I got my grades today for my last two classes at Millersville. C in Genetics and C- in Geodynamics. I’m not surprised by the Genetics one. I did well on the first test (a B) but got C’s on the other ones. I am surprised by the Geodynamics one. That was the first time I had that professor, but Jon had had him before. After all three of us failed the first test, Jon told me that everyone usually fails his tests but he usually gives everyone like a B. One the second test, Jon failed it and I had a C and I’m not sure what the other guy had. Probably a C at the highest. I did a decent job on my presentation I think and I think I did okay on the take-home final. So I’m not sure why I ended up with a C-. If I got a C-, then Jon must have gotten worse than I did since he failed that test and didn’t do that well on his presentation. I doubt the other guy in the class got higher than a C, if that. The professor should realize there’s something wrong with his teaching and tests when no one gets higher than a C. I’m just glad I transferred. My GPA was a 2.5. Not awful, but really not that good. Not if I had wanted to go to grad school anyway.

In better news, I ordered a new computer Thursday night. It should arrive next week. I bought it from Dell (my second Dell computer). It has a 3gz processor, 1 gig of ram, 120 gig hard drive, a dvd drive and a dvd writer drive, 128 geforce graphics card (not the best but it will do), a 19″ crt monitor, sound blaster sound card, speakers w/ subwoofer, and keyboard and mouse of course. My old computer, 1.3 ghz with 300 something ram and 80 gig hard drive, is going to my dad. He has to replace the video card (fan on it is dying) and possibly take out possibly bad ram and I’m not sure how long the moniter is going to last (popping and such I mentioned before), but it’s much better than his old computer. The new computer cost about $1300 with tax which is a lot less than my current computer cost (almost $3000). The best part is that my parents bought it for me (well, I put it on my credit card and they’re paying it off). It’s odd than I’ve gotten a new computer almost exactly every three years since 1998. In spring 1998 my parents bought me one as a graduation present and in spring 2001 I bought my Dell that I have now. Now in spring 2004 I have my new one.

  • at least you’re all done with Millersville now :)

    I had a hand-me-down computer through high school, then a laptop in college. the first one I had was a freebie from where Dad worked and it was a piece of crap – ran so hot it burned itself out. the second one, a Compaq Presario, worked really well for three years. I needed a lot more memory and space and things, and my J key had fallen off, so when I moved to Oregon I got a desktop. that one worked until we moved back here, and then it hated its original case (?!), so now it’s in a new case and works great. computers are so weird. :)

  • I’ve been working on upgrading my machine recently; I just bought a new processor and motherboard today!

  • Just checking back and saw you went for the better ‘puter – Good for you! I’m sure you will enjoy it! – Sorry to hear about your classes, I agree that your Prof needs to review his methods if he’s turning out students w/ C averages, sounds like he’s difficult to please. If you put it in a positive light you are among the top of the class if everyone else is only getting C’s. ;p – Take care – Kim

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