Last night I started playing Diablo II for the first time. Joe wanted to play a game with me over the network and I wanted to play it a little by myself first to get the hang of it. While I was playing it I thought of Roxanne. She was the manager the second time I worked at the Book Market. She was a few years younger than me, had never been to college, and talked of saving to buy a house. She wasn’t married or dating anyone seriously. After the Book Market closed, she had been going to go work at the insurance(?) place her mom worked at. One night we were talking and she said about how she often plays Diablo II when she gets home after work. I’m not sure why I remembered that, but I did. I wonder what she’s up to now. We weren’t particularly close. Towards the end of the store being there, we started talking more but we never hung out or talked outside of work. I can’t google-stalk her either. For one, I can’t remember her last name. For another, she didn’t have any sort of internet connection or a desire for one. I might have her phone number somewhere still but I don’t even call my friends on the phone, let alone someone I haven’t talked or seen for a year and a half.

  • Scott plays Diablo II; he actually just got back into it a few days ago! I haven’t ever tried it because I’m happy with Star Wars Galaxies. I’m not a gamer by any means :).

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