an update

Been a little while since I posted. My new computer arrived and it’s all set up now. Work is still hard. I’m still not used to standing and moving for hours at a time. I suppose it’s good for me at least. I considered maybe looking for an office type job but I don’t think being very out of shape is a good reason to switch jobs. I’d just get even more out of shape because I can’t seem to make myself stick to an exercise program.
My new favorite thing is life is Mrs. Fields white chocolate and macadamia cookies. They are just amazingly delicious.
My second favorite thing in life is drinking warm milk in bed while reading Baby-Sitters Club books. I don’t like milk in general, but warm milk helps me sleep and I’m getting used to the taste. I really want to complete my collection of BSC books. It’s mainly some of the later ones and a few of the mysteries that I’m missing.
My third favorite thing in life is “beanie weenies”. Joe cooks up some hot dogs (Ball Park Beef usually), cuts them up, and puts them in Bush’s maple cured bacon beans. Yummy. I normally don’t like beans either but I’m learning to like them as well.