A.C. Moores

This afternoon I spent about an hour wandering around A.C. Moore’s. I went in there with a short list of things I needed: posterboard, foam board, tealights, a frame, and something that I could use the 50% off coupon on. The foam board was on sale for $1.09 and the tealights were on sale for 50 for $0.82 (great deal!). I had forgotten the frames were on sale as well. I needed a 14″ by 18″ for an old-world map Joe had bought me awhile ago. I found one and it was one of the ones that was on sale. It was originally $20 but was on sale for $7. I thought of using the coupon for a ceramic thing to paint but couldn’t find any at all. Odd. I finally decided to use it to buy a set of 24 soft pastels that were $24. Then I decided I needed a smaller pastel tablet (mine is one of the huge ones). So I bought an 11″ one for $7. I also found these cute little 3d puzzles that were $1. One was a set of 12 sea creatures and the other was a set of 6 dinosaurs. Since they were only $1 for a set I couldn’t resist. I also bought some more tacky glue since my tacky glue has become too tacky. I bought that and the foam board to finish this 3d haunted house made out of foam board and that twisty ribbon that I started years ago and have about 2/3 done. I bought the posterboard to make a college of computer game boxes covers. Joe and I often save the boxes because we like the covers but they take up too much space. So I cut off all the covers and threw the rest of the boxes away. I’ve been feeling really crafty lately. Ok, I haven’t actually done any crafts recently (not counting x-stitch) but I’m prepared.