I am so glad I’m not going to be driving to Millersville anymore. I can sum the main reason up in two words: tractor trailers. Not that I won’t have to see them anymore…they’re on the roads everywhere. But I won’t have to drive on highways for long distances with them anymore. Not that I can just forget about them…Joe still drives on highways to work and other members of my family do as well.
There was another fatal crash on a local highway today caused by yet another tractor trailer. I don’t know the victim(s) this time…or maybe I do…the names haven’t been revealed yet. Every day that I hear the traffic reports on the news or on TV, there’s an accident causing traffic delays. Literally, there’s at least one accident almost every weekday on some local highway (there’s a lot around here). And you can be sure there’s a tractor trailer involved somehow, usually the cause. Especially if it’s a fatal crash. And of course the truck driver just walks away without a scratch usually.
There’s organizations like CRASH trying to get more regulations imposed on truck drivers. I hadn’t even realized that behind-the-wheel training isn’t mandatory. I also do not think they should be allowed to drive 11 hours straight and that there needs to be someway to record how long they drive. Something really has to be done. Unless everyone wants to start driving huge tanks so they’re less likely to be killed in an accident.
On a less serious notes, there’s more of an abundance of trucks on local roads lately. Roads that were not designed for trucks. They get stuck under overpasses and drive over curbs because they can’t turn the corner properly. Or they block traffic because they can’t make a turn until the cars in the other lane move. Or they just go 10mph in a 40mph zone because it’s uphill. I know that stores and groceries stores need to get their supplies but something really needs to be done about this too.