Joe and I were driving along 581 today in Camp Hill when I saw a cross by the road. It was a new one…I hadn’t seen it before. The thing that struck me was that I knew the name on it. My first thought was “no, it can’t be the same person.”. But I looked online later at the news site and it was. The girl graduated high school with me, was in several of my classes including home room all four years, and was the only person in all four years of high school to invite me to a party. Her 16th birthday party.

“A Michigan trucker is facing charges for a crash that killed a woman in Cumberland County. Police say Alvin Boyer was driving too fast in snowy conditions on Route 581 last February. His big rig plowed into cars stopped for another crash. Twenty-three year-old [name] of Wormelysburg was killed. An inspection revealed brakes on the truck were not adjusted properly. Boyer is charged with several counts including homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter, and reckless driving.”

That is the second person that I know of who graduated high school with me that has died on highways around here during snowy weather. Who knows if there were others? It makes me wonder if my name will be on a cross by the side of the road someday.

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    *hugs* it’s so sad to think about these things. scary too. :(

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  • So far, no one I know of has died.


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  • A guy I graduated high school with died last summer, in a car accident late at night driving down a deserted street. I heard he lost control of the car after he was distracted by the other person in the car, but I’ve also heard that he was drunk and veered off the road. Either way, I was pretty sad, even though the guy and I weren’t really friends. We did have classes together and we did talk to each other, but still, it did upset me.

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