I’m just starting to add my photos to a new gallery on [fuzzydoodles]. I took the photos and digital sections down there until I’m finished. Although, I have no idea when I’m going to finish. But I’ll mention that more in my next post.

I decided to rescan most of my photographs that I had scanned before. My old scanner wasn’t very good. My new scanner likes to put a reddish tint on things, plus the original photo was slightly yellowish itself (just a little from age) so I needed to do a little Photoshop work. I’ve been reading Photoshop Restoration and Retouching and am learning *a lot*. I finally know how to use curves and levels without just hitting the auto button.

There wasn’t too much to fix in this photo. Just removed the color cast and got rid of a little film grain. But it’s just so amazing what you can do with Photoshop. I’m anxious to find some photos that have some big problems.

the fixed version

the original

  • that looks great! levels and curves and things confuse me, heh – we did the scientific huge lecture on them all in our training group and I don’t know if *anyone* understood what the guy was talking about. after playing with them on my own I understand a little more. I think I’ll check out that book you’re reading – it sounds really helpful. :)

  • It’s an awesome book. I think everyone who takes photos and uses Photoshop should check it out. I’m definately going to have to buy my own copy of it.

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