part one over

Well, the first part of my presentation is over. It was about 30 minutes, which was okay since we didn’t start until a quarter after 11. I only ended 5 minutes early. Towards the end my voice started getting all hoarse. Maybe next time I should get some water first to drink during it. The only thing he said was to face the “audience” next time so they could hear better. I had been facing the projector screen. And to go slower.
I’m glad the first part over is, the only bad thing is I still have the second part. I still need to write most of that. I only have a little bit so far (probably 5 minutes worth). That’s what I’ll be doing most of tonight and tomorrow night. I will be so glad when it’s Friday afternoon and it’s my presentation is *OVER*.

What I want to do Friday afternoon (besides possibly applying at a few retail places) is scan some old photos that were my grandmothers. And I mean old…from the 1940s or earlier. I was going through them yesterday and picking out ones that looked like good restoration projects. I had no idea who was in the pictures though unless the names were written on the back. It was sad going through them. Most of the people in them are dead, as were any pets. Her old wallet was also in there as well as her old report cards and this book I guess other kids in her class signed back in the 1930s. Like an autograph book. It made me think of someday my granddaughter going through my old stuff. What will she think of it? Will she think the same things of mine are important as I do? Or will she think some things that meant a whole lot to me are silly? Will they just throw it all away or will they treasure it?
I want so much to leave a mark on this world but it’s hard to realize sometimes that the only *real* way you’ll be remembered is by people. Journals, photos, websites, all that can be destroyed so easily. A fire, a hard drive failure, and it’s all gone. The only thing that can’t be destroyed are people’s memories of you. I should really try to remember that more often.

  • congratulations on getting through the first part – I’m proud of you! 😀 I always talk too fast during presentations. always. I get nervous and my mouth speeds up. happens during job interviews too, unfortunately.

    I know what you mean about wanting to be rememebred. I’ll always remember you.

  • You know that I’ll always remember you baby :)

    I’m proud of you today and I’m was wishing you luck :)

    I Love you

  • I talk too quickly during presentations too. And hooray for getting that first part done! The second part won’t be bad, and the best part is that you’ll be all done soon :). I’ll always remember you too!

  • Most people talk to quickly during presentations, so you’re not the only one. I’m glad got got it done!

    I’ll remember you, Cindy.

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