not doing much

I haven’t worked on my cross-stitch much at all lately. I did as much as I could on the Dragon of Fire and the Kreinik I need to finish it still hasn’t arrive (soon…). I’m also waiting for the fabric and Kreinik for the Dragon of Water to arrive (same shipment). I don’t want to start anything else new until I finish the owl for mom so she stops bugging me about it. I haven’t been in the mood to work on it though. It’s about 2/3 finished. I just have to do the log at the bottom and the bottom third of the background. I’ve only gotten tired of a stitching project once before. That was the mythical dragon that I stopped working on in August. On that one, I finished the top half of the dragon and had started working on the border. I had to rip part of the border out several times because I miscounted and I just wasn’t enjoying working on it. On the owl, it’s just not that much fun stitching a log. Part of the fun of cross-stitch is seeing how pretty or cool the picture comes out when you’re done. And well, it’s a log. It’s not pretty or cool or interesting at all. So I’m having a really hard time making myself work on it. I need to just make myself do it though.

  • I know how you’re feeling. I’ve just been totally uninspired as far as knitting or anything goes lately. I’m bringing my sock yarn and the needles for it on this roadtrip and we’ll see how that goes… casting on using small needles in a car is not fun, though.

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