new apartment

Today Joe and I turned in an application and a deposit for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment at Delbrook, where I lived before. Our application has to be approved of course, but I don’t there will be any problems. We plan to pick up the keys May 7 and move in May 8. Three weeks away! I need to start packing up soon.

We’re living in the dog area. We don’t have a dog, but it was basically a choice of the dog area or the “kid area”. The kid area wasn’t an offical area of course, but it seemed a lot of people there had kids, including the people who would be below us having 3 kids, and there was a tennis court, volleyball net, and a pool right behind the building. I’d much rather hear dogs barking than kids screaming.

It’s a second floor, the first time I lived on a second floor. It will be 427 Brookview Court. I like the street name. Before when I lived there I lived on Brook Circle.

We had a choice of which apartment we wanted. We looked at three of them before deciding on the last one we saw. I’m very happy with the one we got.

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