You know, I usually seem to post a lot or update my sites a lot around the end of the semester. The past two years I’ve changed webhosts during finals.
The employment agency called today. The company that I had wanted that job at was changing the hours they wanted someone from 12-4 to 8-3. That would end up with more hours than I wanted, plus I just don’t want to work at 8 am. If I got a retail job, the earliest I’d have to work would be 10 am most likely. I think I’m going to be checking around for retail jobs soon. My ideal job right now is working afternoons or evenings 20-30 hours a week. Although I don’t think I’d want to work at say Barnes and Nobel where they’re open till 12. A retail store that closes at 9 would be good.
As of now, my presentation is about 20 minutes long. Half of what I need for the first day. Actually, it was 17 minutes when I timed it and after just that long my throat was kinda sore from talking. Plus with my allergies I’m slightly stuffed up so I sound funny. Back to work I guess. I’m really starting to hate this presentation. And I have to give it tomorrow morning. And then spend Wednesday and Thursday nights working on the second part.