Well, I am employed again. The woman who interviewed me today at K-lands offered me a job. Part-time sales associate, although she mentioned the assistant manager position but it’s full-time. She can give me the 20-25 hours I want and it’s $6.75 an hour. About average for a retail store, I think. That’ll leave me with over $200 extra a month probably. Much better than $60 extra a month if I had worked at the library. I don’t know what hours I’ll be working…probably varied. I’ll probably be working M, F, Sat, Sun (she mentioned that someone worked T-Tr already but maybe I’d work nights or something those days) but I don’t know. The manager was really nice. And pregnant. She’s going on maternity leave in 3 weeks.
She’s letting me have off the whole weekend next weekend to move, even though I just mentioned needing off Saturday. I’ll probably be starting this Monday. She has to call 2 employment references first and will call me at the latest Friday.

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