Not sure why I’m making this private, but I am.
The library called today and then I called them back. There’s a job opening for 12-17 hours a week, Mon, Tue, Fri 1-5 with 2 Sat and 1 Sun every 6 weeks. Basically, I take that to mean that 3 out of 6 weeks I’ll work 3 days and 3 weeks I’ll work 4 days. The pay would be $6.50/hr. I set up an inteview on Monday at 9 am but I’m unsure if I want the job or not (she said I could cancel the interview by calling before then if I decide I don’t). It would be for a circulation assistant. Checking out books and things.

It’s not the job or the hours I’d have to work (all that is great) but it’s the lack of hours. I was looking for something 20-30 a week. She said it’s possible sometimes to pick up more shifts if people take time off and that there’s the chance in the future I could get more hours, but it’s nothing definate (the library is open later during school year…May starts the summer hours).

I figure I’d make about $300 per month, after taxes. My basic bills come to $238 a month (car insurance, web sites, credit card, and b.c. pill). They would all be covered, but I really wouldn’t have much left over, for fun and emergencies. Plus I need items like shampoo and conditoner and other things girls need.

The plus is that I’d have plenty of time to work on my classes for AIU. Plus the library is close, and I’d like to work at a library. For a little while anyway. Whatever job I get isn’t going to be a permanant one. I just want somewhere to work for a year till I finish my degree. After that, while I’d ideally like to get a graphic design job, even if I can’t I’ll be needing a full time job then to pay back loans.

I dropped off an application today at Linens and things. Don’t know when or if I’ll hear from them. I don’t know how many hours I’d get there, just that it’s for a part time sales associate.

I could always get a second job. But then there’s a chance I’ll end up working all 7 days a week, which wouldn’t be fun. And the fact that most jobs would need a flexible schedule.

Please tell me your opinions. I’m really unsure about what to do.

  • go to the interview and see what happens. you can always reject a job offer if it comes :) *hugs*

  • See if the interview is good and the people are nice. At least at the beginning of your new education I think it’d be good to have lots of time to study, just to get into it.

    (Too early for me to make much sense)

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