it’s back

I’m so glad to be able to post here again instead of livejournal. I missed it.
I applied at another retail store over the weekend. Part-time sales associate. Don’t know if/when I’ll hear from them. I’d kind of rather work there than the other place, but we’ll see where I hear from first. I just need a job.

Tomorrow is my last day of classes at Millersville. I’m only going to my morning class, which is just Jon doing the second part of his presentation (geodynamics). Then I have to drop off my withdraw form at the registrar. Then I guess I have to do a take-home final for that class plus my genetics final that Friday in the morning.

My class at AIU started this weekend. I already read this week’s chapters (4 short ones). At first I was kind of ehh about this course (Theory and History of Visual Communication) but it’s not that bad. We have to use MS Paint to create a few simple graphics. I was kind of ehh about that too but I guess they have to assume we don’t all have Photoshop or anything yet. We also have to write a few things (the longest a 2-3 page essay). Nothing very hard. The book is interesting. The one thing they mentioned is that we design ourselves every morning according to what we have to do that day (our hair, our clothes, our accessories). I thought that was pretty cool. If someone ever complains about me not being able to decide what to wear, I can reply “Be patient. I’m designing myself”. The instructor is also a former geologist, which I thought was cool as well.

And since Krissy wanted to see it, here’s my new shower curtain with the ducks that remind me of her Chubby duckie (click for full version).

shower curtain

  • that shower curtain is SO cute. :)

    I like “be patient, I’m designing myself” – hee!

  • I like that idea of ‘designing yourself’ every morning! What sort of stuff did they say in that book?

  • the book’s called “a design manual”. so far it’s talked about the elements of a design: space, lines, etc. and about types of design (functional and nonfuctional, product, graphic, etc). while it’s a good basic book, there’s not a whole lot of info in it.

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