day off

Today I ended up not going in to Millersville. I decided this last night. There was no geodynamics class this morning, but I would have had 2.5 hours of work plus an hour of genetics. It was raining all day so it wouldn’t have been fun at all driving in (although this was a side benefit…I didn’t know that when I decided). I stayed home to work on my geodynamics presentation but I haven’t gotten too much done on it (but I did work on it some).
I saw an ad in the paper for a part-time nearby afternoon data entry job. It was through an employment agency I had gotten a job through before. I called and they asked me to come in to update my info since it had been about 5 years. I filled out all the paperwork and took a data entry test, a MS Word test, and an Excel test. I did really well on all of them. The Word and Excel tests were frustrating though. If you accidently clicked on the the wrong menu, it counted that as wrong (the test asked you to do various things in a copy of the program). It wasn’t very fair because I knew how to do some of the things, but if I moved the mouse a tiny bit accidently before I clicked, I got it wrong. The mouse was kind of jerky too. I probably would have gotten almost all of them right if it wasn’t for that. So now they’re going to give the resume to that company and then the company will tell them who they want to interview. I’ll most more about the job if I do get an interview.
The girl who interviewed me also graduated from Millersville, but with a psychology degree. She said she commuted her last year and knew how awful it was.
The whole thing took almost two hours, so that really cut into my time to work on my presentation. I divided the presentation into four parts: part 1 and 2 on Wed and part 3 and 4 on Friday. I went through what I have for Part 1 so far (I have notes and PowerPoint slides) and it took me…6 minutes. I need to have at least 40 minutes total for parts 1 and 2. I don’t have enough material for part 2 to make up 34 minutes. *sigh*. And I was even trying to talk slow too.
Spencer gets all anxious whenever I talk to myself when I’m practicing speeches. I think he thinks I’m talking to him. He never does when I’m on the phone though. He was meowing at me and pawing at my chair.

  • good luck with the job! my employment agency has done nothing for me, other than administering a typing test for a job I was applying for (84 wpm, go me).

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