cancelled interview

I cancelled my interview at the library. I did a lot of thinking over the weekend and 12-17 hours just isn’t going to cut it. It would only give me about $70 extra a month at most, paying just my basic bills. I need to save up for things like car repairs and vet bills. Plus I want to help pay our food bill and the Vision plan on our cell phones.

I just hope I get that job at Linens ‘N Things. I go Tuesday at 1o am for that. I wish I could have scheduled it for Monday but I have classes all day and they don’t open till 10 and I’ve already left by then. I supposed I could have asked if I could get an evening appointment, but I didn’t know if the woman worked evenings. As long as they didn’t hire anyone between Friday afternoon and Tuesday morning, I have a very good shot. I was already dreaming over the weekend of things I could buy for our new apartment with my discount. I already have a lot of items, but I need things like a new shower curtain.

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