So it’s now been almost 6 hours since I last posted that my presentation was at 17 minutes. I’ve been working on it off and on since then and it’s only 20 minutes long! I’m going to work on it some more, but I don’t think I can get it up to 40 minutes. I don’t care about my grade, I just care about looking stupid because I couldn’t find stuff to talk about for the whole time. I don’t want to end up being done before the class is halfway over.

  • Do you use overheads (I dont’ know if you call them that) or powerpoint or some other presentational technology. That can make the presentation longer, and also more interesting to listen to. I don’t think it’s quite fair to expect you to talk 40 minutes straight. Not even the teachers do that. They take breaks by telling us to ask questions, writing on the board, or showing overheads.

    But I don’t know what you can do. =(

  • we are allowed to use things like that, like I have a powerpoint presentation set up. But as far as I know, we’re supposed to act like it’s a professional presentation and talk all during it.

  • Yuck, that presentation sounds like a pain :(. I’m glad yo uhave it up to 20 minutes, though!

  • Of course you’d have to talk all through it, but that’s not the same as talking every minute of your time. No one does that (even if it seems like it). Sorry I’m not more helpful. =(

  • you were helpful :)

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