another interview

This morning around 9:30 a woman called from Kirklands where I dropped off an application Saturday. I go in at 9:30 tomorrow morning for an interview. The woman sounded really nice on the phone. I don’t know how many hours they’re looking for someone for or anything about the position. Just that it’s part-time sales associate. It’s in a local mall that I worked at before when Raceway was located there. I liked working at that mall. They have a nice food court. This store would be more of the environment I’m used to working in. Fairly small store, only a few employees. The only bad thing about this place as opposed to Linen and Things is the holiday season. That mall has holiday hours which means they open earlier and stay open later. 6 am till 11 pm some days. Plus, it’s the kind of store where people would buy Christmas presents. Linen ‘N Things is too, but not to the same extent. Plus traffic is bad at that mall around Christmas. That’s only really about 3 weeks so that’s not too bad. I don’t know what either place pays or how many hours I’d get at each. I was kind of looking forward to the 25% discount at L ‘N T. I’m sure I’ll get a discount at Kirklands, but while I’m sure I’d find things there I want, it’s not things I need.

So once again I’m faced with the choice of which job do I want. It would be easier if I’d been offered any jobs already. I just have to base it off possiblities. I think it’s possible Kirkland would offer me a job at the interview. Every small store like that I’ve interviewed for they’ve offered the job right then (or within the hour in the case of Raceway). Plus she seemed eager to get me in for an interview. I do think I’d feel more comfortable in the Kirkland store. Plus in a place like that, you’re likely to have more responsibility than in a bigger one like LNT. I like responsibility. It’s too bad they don’t have a 3rd key position open (or maybe they do?). They do have an assistant manager one, but I’m assuming that’s full-time.

I think that if they offer me the job there tomorrow and I can get around the # hours I want I’ll take that job. I’ll feel odd though if LNT does call later and offer me a job but I can’t exactly wait around in case they don’t.

While I’m not thrilled to be working retail again, it’s a job and I need money. I’ve seen a couple graphic artist jobs in the paper lately but I’m not going to even apply yet for them. I want to wait till I finish my degree and have my portfolio all ready. Retail or office work are pretty much my options right now and there haven’t been too many non-telephone office jobs in the paper lately.

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