The Stitcher’s Five

The Stitcher’s Five – for the week of 8 March 04
(created by Jen)

1. Who is your favourite designer (just one sorry!).
I’m going to have to go with Dragon Dreams.

2. How many of their designs have you stitched?
I stitched all of the Christmyth ornaments and I’ve begun Not Forgotten.

3. What makes them your favourite designer?
I love the Kreinik braid and how much fun her designs are to stitch. I love dragons and other mythical creatures.

4. What would you like to see them next design?
Maybe a large phoenix design.

5. Would you collect all their patterns just to have them all?
I’d like to have all the dragon/fantasy ones. I’m not that interested in the other ones. I’d love to stitch the blackwork dragon. I really want to do something in blackwork.

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