Seahorse and Shells

seahorse and shells

This was a very quick project. I bought the kit Tuesday afternoon at Michaels, stitched on it for an hour on Tuesday night and then finished up the stitching Wednesday night. I completed it today by making the cording, cutting out the paper, and piecing it together. Spencer helped me make the cording. Part of making it consists of taping it to a desk or table and twirling it. Spencer was fascinated by the twirling string and kept jumping at it. The only thing I didn’t like about this project was that the pieces of glass were uneven and it was a pain wrapping the cording around the glass. It hangs kind of unevenly too (I put it on my wall already). It still looks really pretty though.

Stitching that was a nice break from working on the owl. The owl doesn’t have many pretty colors. I had missed stitching beach and ocean related things as well.

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