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It’s so wonderful not getting any more referreral spam cluttering up my referrals. *knock on wood*. Check out if you’re wondering how I stopped it.

Today Dr. M. said to me that I should consider finishing my degree at a regular university. As in, not online. She was saying about how that if I was applying for a job and everything else was equal besides where we got our degrees, they’d hire the person from the non-online school because they had that in-person training.

I’m wondering what you think of this. How much does it actually matter *where* you get your degree? How much more likely are you get a job with a degree from Harvard or Yale rather than SmallHometown University? Does it really matter if your degree is online? Would it affect it if it was from Harvard Online rather than AIU Online? I know that if you’re better than the other applicants it doesn’t matter as much where you get your degree but what if your qualifications and talent are equal? Could your school be a deciding factor?

  • well, I got my medical assistant certification online, and it’s been worth crap to employers. I can kind of see why – instead of learning how to take blood and so forth, I just watched videos and read a book. I think for the most part, a hands-on and in-person kind of degree is better than the far away type, but it depends on what the subject is too.

  • That’s kind of why I’m unsure…since this is a digital design degree it’s all done on the computer anyway. If I was just learning plain graphic design it would be different…I’d need to learn about printing presses and all that. Or something :) I guess I’ll just have to hope that my employer is big on technology.

  • I would almost think that it would be a good thing that it’s online, in a way it proves that you’re good with technology… But I don’t know what employers would want.

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