new shoes

Joe and I both bought new shoes today. He got a pair of black Sketchers and I got a pair of wooden clogs. They’re made by White Mountain and are named Belize. We bought them at a store called Famous Footware. I had never been in there before but they had a lot of great inexpensive shoes. I found my shoes in the clearance section. I was surprised, they had three pairs of them and only in my size (7). It’s a pain being an fairly average size like 7 sometimes (or a 6 in clothes when I could wear that size) because you usually don’t find anything good in clearance.

I had suddenly decided yesterday that I wanted a pair of wooden clogs. I think the reason for this is that the other week I read one of my past journal entries from October 1999 where I said I really wanted a pair of brown clogs but didn’t buy the ones I saw. Then last night Joe and I were at a shoe store at the mall looking for shoes for him. I had to look at shoes too of course. I saw they had some clogs in clearance but none in my size. I looked around a little online when we got home but didn’t have much hopes of finding any. I wanted ones with a fairly high heel and didn’t see many. Of course I had to wait until a shoe went out of style to want it. Then I saw these today and had to buy them. They were originally $50 but they were selling them for $25. They’re very comfy. They have a 2.25 inch heel and have a rose design on them and are covered with some sort of gold glitterish substance. I love them.

new clogs

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