I created a deviantART account finally. My username is cnidaria. Yep, the coral and jellyfish phylum. No real reason other than I like the word and I like jellyfish. Maybe having that account will inspire me to work on art more.

  • I have a deviantart account at starshaped (I think!), but I rarely ever update it. I think I have one or two things up there now, I don’t even remember!

  • that’s awesome! I should make one… I don’t really have art to post, but I don’t want to be left out, heh. I really like your username – that’s so cool.

  • uh. WOW. you are incredibly talented. :)

    your username reminds me of your first name, only jumbled up. :)

  • thank you :) you’re right about the name. i think i realized that on a subconsious level and that’s why I like it so much. i didn’t actually realize it till you said that :)

  • if you do make one let me know. i need more friends on there :)

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