proposal 1

I just finished writing a little over 3 pages for my lab group’s first proposal. It took me from about 9 till now (11:40) with a half hour break. I wasn’t expecting it to take that long. Or write that much. I’m not used to spending all evening doing schoolwork. Especially school work that involves actually thinking. We had to design genetic crosses to answer certains questions about fruit fly genes. The two other guys in my group met yesterday but what they came up with wasn’t very helpful (and some wrong). They asked me if I’d write the paper and I said yes because I was kind of afraid after I saw what they came up with. I really want to do well in the class. I just hope that what I came up with is right. My brain is tired. I’m not used to thinking like that. The only other time I have to think like that (extreme problem solving thinking) is website related, usually when something isn’t working, and that can be frustrating. So I’m really not used to thinking without being frustrated. It’s kinda cool. I probably would have done better in some of my classes if I had actually thought about the stuff more but things like physics or chem just don’t interest me that much.