I’m loving my new scanner for scanning cross-stitches. Okay, I’m loving my new scanner in general but for that in particular lately. If you care to see, you can look under the Current section of my [cross-stitch] site at the scans for the Butterflies and Nine-Patches ones. I also took an old one out of it’s frame and scanned it (under Finished: Seaside Window). I’m making excellent progress on the Butterflies one. There’s a ton of back-stitching and french knots to do on it once the regular stitching is finished though.
I’ve pretty much decided not to do the Winter into Spring mystery at the Pam Kellogg bulletin boards (I saw a WIP and while it’s really pretty it didn’t interest me that much). I’m definately considering doing the one that starts in May: it’s called Strawberry Fields and sounds like it would be really great.

Now that my first week of the semester is over, I’ll be making an entry about it at DR soon. I have a 4 day weekend this weekend since we have off Monday and I always have off Tuesdays.

  • I hadn’t been to the mystery web site in awhile, and wow, I LOVE the winter into spring so far! I just may sign up after I get the christmas one done!

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