winged orange #19 & #20

winged orange christmas prompt #19 & #20

Are any of your family members from other countries? What traditions do they celebrate that are unique to their country? If this doesn’t apply to you, which country’s traditions would you like to learn more about and why?

Nope, no relatives from other countries. I don’t have any other country that I’d like to learn about specifically, but learning about any of them would be cool.

When you were a kid, did anyone ever ‘play Santa’ for you to catch delivering presents on Christmas Eve? Does anyone in your household play Santa for the little ones? Do you have any memories of sitting on Santa’s lap? If not, is there a reason you didn’t go to see him?

No one played Santa or does now. I vaguely remember going to see Santa at the mall and have pictures of it but don’t really remember anything special happening.