winged orange #11

winged orange christmas prompt #11

What do you do for your pets for Christmas? If you don’t have a pet, what kind of pet would you like for Christmas?

Well, Spencer has his own stocking of course. Ash (the ferret) doesn’t. We always get our pets gifts. We usually let the dog “unwrap” his presents himself. They’re usually bones or other dog toys. We get the cats mice or other catnip toys. Snickers isn’t really too into toys, but Poe loves little mice. Spencer only likes toys if they have catnip in them. The ferret usually gets treats or something little that he can add to his collection of things in the corner under my bed.

  • how *is* ash? you are the only other person i’ve really known with a ferret, so i’m always curious about the little critter!

    have you seen previews for that new ben stiller/jennifer aniston film _along came polly_ ? she has a blind ferret in it who wears the CUTEST little sweater!!!

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