I have turned into a Pokemon addict and I’ve turned Joe into one as well. I’ve always liked Pokemon but I never got to play the game really until now. I got Pokemon Ruby for Christmas and that was the first Pokemon gave I’ve owned. I’ve played it for 9.5 hours so far since Christmas. Joe decided he wanted to get Pokemon Sapphire so we can battle and trade.
I went out and bought the strategy guide the day after Christmas. I really want to catch a Skitty, but haven’t seen one yet. It said in the guide to check the TV to see when they’re in season but they haven’t been in season yet.
When we were at the store yesterday I saw they had Pokemon Crystal used for sale. I had looked for it a few other places and online. It was $19.99 there which was a little less than it was going for online (plus then you have to pay shipping). They also had the perfect guide to it for $6.99 which I bought too. I traded in Gauntlet Dark Legacy for PS2 (I love that game but Joe and I beat it already together and there’s not too much replay value) and got $8.00 for it so I only ended up paying $18 something for both the game and guide. Very good deal, I thought.
So now I have another Pokemon game to play after I finish Ruby.

  • ohhhh Pokemon. I have Sapphire and absolutely love it. I finished Blue with all the Pokemon, plus a Mew (gamesharked by my sister’s friend), and recently restarted Red because I wanted to try catching a Mew the non-gamesharked way (I can send you the link if you want). I have Silver but haven’t beaten the Elite Four yet; I’ve creamed them five times in Sapphire, mainly for the experience and money. *hugs pokemon* I wish we could battle and trade!!

  • I wish we could too! Next time we meet we’ll have to bring Pokemon. I’d love that link, and any other neat pokemon ones you might have.

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