engagement ring

On Thursday when Joe and I were at the mall we looked around in jewelry stores. We weren’t expecting to purchase anything that day but wanted to get an idea of what they had. In the last store we looked at, I found the ring I wanted. I knew it was the ring when I saw how it sparkled on my finger.

It’s made of 14k white gold and has an opal, two tanzanite stones, and four diamonds. It looks so beautiful.

They had to send it out to be resized but we’ll be able to pick up my engagement ring on New Year’s Eve.

engagement ring

I didn’t want a plain diamond engagement ring or a very expensive ring since I don’t plan on wearing it after the wedding. I’ll probably get this resized though so I can wear it on a different finger. My expensive ring is going to be my wedding band. I want one with diamonds set into the band.

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