christmas tree

christmas tree

My parent’s christmas tree, which my mom and I just decorated. It’s all homemade ornaments this year, including my nifty christmyth cross-stitch ornaments. I had also made the star tree topper about 8 years ago along with various beaded ornaments on it. Mom and Cassie (my niece) made the paper chain. Some of the dough and gingerbread ornaments were made by my cousin April, before she passed away.

  • it’s so lovely!!!! i really like it! it’s such a good idea to have all handmade ornaments.


  • I love it! That’s how my tree is too; all handmade stuff :).

  • very creative, Cindy! my tree has a bunch of boxed ornaments, but as the years go by, i hope to get many unique ornaments and get away from all the cookie cutter ones. :)

  • I love your tree! Ours is nice, but almost nothing homemade. My boyfriend’s mom has an insane amount of ornaments, and I plan to make the Chrismyth ones for her for next year, because she loves anything mythical Especially dragons. :)

    Heh, yeah, we are neighbors – parts of PA is a stone’s throw from here! :)

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