You know, I really don’t care for the layout of this site. It’s too purple. And I don’t like the text on the purple background. Maybe Saturday I’ll make a new layout for it. I’m home sick today. I feel slightly better than yesterday. I was reading through DR’s entries from this time in 1999 yesterday. I found one where I had just bought my carton of printer paper. 5 packs of 500 sheets each. Now, in 2003, I’m halfway through the last pack. In four years, I’ve gone through 2500 sheets of paper. Not counting photo paper.
Joe and I started doing Mystical Creature Hour Fridays and Programming Hour on Saturdays. This is so we actually start getting stuff accomplished. Of course, I hope we spend more time than an hour throughout the week on them, especially on programming, but this way we’re guaranteed at least an hour’s work on each.

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