I decided to go ahead and convert lbx to word press. I’m using that on my yet to be finished site, although I need to upgrade to the new version today (the new version came out in the middle of October…you can see how up I am on things). The reason I decided to change lbx from b2 to word press is that you can now password protect posts. Plus I like the plain black and white interface better than b2’s. And of course, word press is still being worked on, unlike b2. I’ll have to add back in a few hacks but the main thing I’m concerned with is setting up the themes again. Hopefully it will transfer easily.
I’m not sure what I’m going to password protect. Not everything, since there’s not much point in password protecting my old school grades and things like that. I could see a use for it in the future would be for posting my old paper journal entries that are of a more personal nature. A feature that would be nice is if I could just password protect entire categories. Of course, I could just make a category for password protected entries, but then they wouldn’t get put in their right categories. And people would probably have to type the password in to see each entry (I haven’t tried it out yet, so I’m not sure how it works). Gonna go install it now, so lbx will be down for a bit.

  • once someone converts my favorite hacks (auto-convert names; threaded comments) to wordpress, I’ll be all over it too. I’m not quite smart enough to hack it all on my own just yet, hehe.

    I do like the password-protection thing a lot! that will be so nice.

  • I can’t wait to see LBX up again :).

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