Today I got my new license. I finally got an adult license…no more “under 21 until…” even though I’ve been over 21 for the past 3 years. Pennsylvania got a new license design last year or so. I like it better. I’m pretty happy with my picture, but think I do look rather dorky in it.


Old license:
old license

Me before I went to get my license:

  • I think that’s one of my favorite pictures of you. :) you look great!

    my Oregon DL looks so much better than my Colorado one did. I’m hoping my next one won’t look too bad… they’re good for about 10 years! yikes!

  • I like your new license pic! I don’t get a new license until December 2004, unless I choose to get an Indiana license right now. Which I *should* do, but I’m lazy.

  • since i lost my license last year (the actual card, not my privileges), i took my renewal test in december 2002 rather than oct/nov 2003. anyway, my new license (which is HORRIBLE) also expires 11/2007. :)

  • Arizona DL expires when you are 65 years old. So I got my liscence when I was 16 and it said “Expires: 02/06/2047”!! Isn’t that interesting? Ok, thats all, and props for the redesign of the site much easier on the eyes.

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