I find myself wanting to write in my journal all the time lately. I know it’s the layout. I was looking over my past layouts lately and most of them don’t feel inspiring to me. This current one justs says “update me with your words!”. So I do. This layout for waves doesn’t do that, but I update because I have things I want to post. LBX’s new theme makes me want to update it as does the mystical creatures layout (which I’ve had the layout up for a year or more and still didn’t update it, even though I wanted to). They’re pretty much the only sites for me right now that inspire me like that. I don’t know why the journal one inspires me so much…I think it’s the strong colors and the definate design. It’s so ordered and symmetrical. And the leaves at the side add an unexpected unorderedness to it.

  • I love the new layout! I’m also digging all the new journal entries too :)

    And you should check your inbox :)

  • I love all your new layouts. yours always inspire me; you have so many different things that you do on them instead of sticking to one basic look, as I seem to tend to do. this phoenix one is gorgeous!

  • ooh, also – I was thinking of doing another weblog at imbri, maybe using MT this time. where did you get all your neat plugins and hacks, like the autolinking one?

    *hugs* I love you.

    is the auto linking one and itself is where i got all the others from :) they have a threaded comment one but I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. i really should…maybe i’ll do that right now instead of cell bio…

  • I have the macro one on my weblog :). Other than that, I’ve been lazy with the hacks -oops, I mean plugins – for MT. Hehe :)

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