I decided to start adding the audio books I listen to when I drive to and from classes to the list of books I’ve read. They are books, after all. I’m not sure why I didn’t add them before. I’d been feeling bad about the lack of books listed since I started classes again, but the list looks better now. I actually haven’t finished the Great Hunt yet but listed it under October anyway. I think I might set that one on hold to read the new Anne Rice book anyway. I just don’t have time to read much lately. In my free time I’m either on my computer or doing cross-stitch. I’m not very happy about this; I’ve always spent a lot of time reading. Probably once I start the Anne Rice book I’ll read more more often (at least until I finish) since I’ll be anxious to know what happens next. It’s odd not to spend hours reading…I miss getting lost in a book. Maybe that’s part of why I feel so unsettled lately…I haven’t had my usual “escape from reality” in months.