You know, I wonder sometimes how many people on my LJ friends list would even know it’s my birthday if I hadn’t posted something today. I was tempted not to post anything there. I didn’t want to post something there, but I wanted people to remember it was my birthday.
Today or sometime soon I’ll need to go through my sites and make sure they all say I’m 24. On some I just say I was born in 1979. That makes it easy to not update. Sometimes I forget a site and it’ll be the middle of the next year and I’ll still be my old age.
24 just seems so much older than 23…maybe because 24 is just a year away from 25, a quarter century? 23 is right in the middle between 20 and 25. 24 is on the other side.
At least Joe will always be older than me 😉

(and if I was still really into Nascar like I used to be, being 24 would make me very happy)

  • I say you shouldn’t have posted aything about your birthday there ;). I remembered! I hope you have fun at your birthday dinner tonight!

  • I’ll always remember, not only because we share our birthday and that’s kind of hard to forget, but because you rock and I love you! :)

  • I don’t know you personally but I am 24 too! Happy birthday. You are 24 and that is wonder ful. Are you still ful of wonder?

  • I missed your birthday while I was gone! :(

    Happy belated birthday!

    I’ll have to think of something to do for you (and Krissy, I missed hers too).

    Your layout is gorgeous btw!


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