Thank you Aubrey and Krissy for your comments (I really need to find a hack for MT to reply to comments directly). I would probably get burn out doing it all the time and enjoy it more if I was just doing it for myself. I think I’d feel better if I actually understood the material this semester…I can’t seem to focus and comprehend it or concentrate enough to read the textbooks. And I feel discouraged because they’re all 200-level classes and shouldn’t be extremely hard (well, except Mineralogy…everyone thinks that’s hard).

Maybe I’ll end up working in the northwest…I don’t see many often around here in the paper. Do you know what kind of work the jobs were for Krissy? I’m sort of considering working for awhile before getting my doctorate (or maybe work plus getting a certificate from a community college for graphic or web design).

  • I’m wondering what sort of jobs are in the northwest too, though I have also considered moving to PA! I used to feel lost in my 200 level computer science classes, well some of them at least. Some weren’t bad, some were hard; it just depends on the class! I know youcan do it :).

  • I’ll take a look for the ads again… they seem to have been running a lot lately :) I know one was for the state of Oregon specifically – like the actual state government, etc – and there have been a ton more.

    Aubrey: waht are you looking for? I’ll keep an eye out for you too! you would LOVE the job I just got. ohmygod. I wish I hadn’t signed a non-disclosure thing so I could tell you all about it, but IT ROCKS SO MUCH and I am going to love it 😀 get up here and I can get you an interview (or you too, Cindy!)

  • I’m looking for web jobs, programming jobs, IT jobs, anything!

    I wish I could hear more about your job, Krissy! What are you doing there, exactly? Tech support stuff?

  • hee, conversation in Cindy’s blog!

    read my latest LJ entry – I gave a pretty big hint. I did not say the name of either the company or the product, so I figure it’s okay. 😀

    you could definitely get hired where I am right now. hehe :)

  • there’s always southern california! 😀 can you guys believe my sister is literally a video game tester!? seriously!! she makes pretty good money too (though she works long hours when they near deadlines).

    anyway…the west rocks. i totally love oregon and northern california because i LOVE rain.

  • That wouls so rock to test video games. I mean, yeah I’m sure you’d get tired of a few games after a while, but still…to get paid to play video games would rock.
    Elnk does have an office in CA…perhaps I’ll end up transferring out there if I stay with them long enough. Who knows. :)

  • You have to find some way of deciding that you *are* doing it for yourself, otherwise you’ll tire of what you’re doing very quickly.

    Maybe part of the reason you’re not understanding much is your belief that you don’t understand it? That’s happened to me a lot and I have to tell myself that I *am* able to understand it. And even if I don’t understand much I can usually pick out what’s important in the text so that’s what I focus on. I read a short segment, 10-20 minutes and sometimes less, then I write down the main points, read a new segment and so on.

    The most important thing is believing that you can do it, and even if you don’t believe that, you tell yourself that you are able to do, and continue to tell yourself that it until you actually believe it.

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