I am once again wondering if I have chosen the right major. I don’t know that my current major and eventual career will satisfy my creative side. I also don’t feel smart enough to succeed in my career. I do better in the biology aspects than the geology aspects. I don’t know if I could succeed in biology though due to my inability to handle dissections.
My other options for getting a degree in are some sort of graphics design or web design. And as before, I don’t think I’m talented enough for either, especially graphics design. A little dream I’ve had of late is of being a professional cross-stitch designer, but I doubt that would happen.
I feel so envious when I see other people’s artwork. Not necessarily because I can’t do that, because while I’d probably never be as good as some, I think that if I tried I could do something good. But I don’t try usually. I start sometimes, but then I get lost in my other interests.
The thing is, while I don’t know that geology is right as a major (it still is definately an interest, I just don’t know if it’s the right career), I do not want to switch majors again. I’ve switched so many times and I should have graduated two years ago. I don’t want to waste more money on more college courses that don’t count towards my eventual degree. And I’m getting to the point where I just want a degree in something. Which isn’t necessarily the right attitude to have.
And this is something I really should have posted in my journal but it’s so discouraging writing in there because I almost never get any feedback (thank you Crystal for your comments before).
I’m just not having a good life right now. In addition to everything else, I tried selling my Garbage Pail Kids cards on ebay. It was my first time selling anything. Several people bid and the total price was $16.50. The guy who won said he sent me a money order. I never got it and then he said the bank said it was cashed. So he said he’d send another one. That was two weeks ago. I need to email him again. I just don’t want to have to deal with all this. Why couldn’t it have been a simple transaction like it should have been?

  • I felt that way a lot about computer science, but I feel there are ways to be creative in majors that don’t seem that creative originally. I also try to remember that while having a more creative major may sound better, I also don’t want to make it my life. I think I’d get burned out if I had any sort of artistic major, and in majoring in something not as creative I have my free time to do creative things at my own pace :).

  • I changed majors twice (pre-med/vet, english, psych) and I have to agree, it sucks! I’m still not sure if I made the right decision to finish up with psych, especially now that I can’t find a stupid job in my field, but I enjoyed it so much that I figure it can’t be that awful. like Aubrey said, you can do creative things at your own pace instead of feeling rushed to do them, which would take all the fun out of them.

    there are about a billion geologist jobs in the paper up here. I keep meaning to tell you that because you’re the only geology major I know :)

  • sorry this is late-ish…*sighs* things have been completely crazy lately.

    i know what you mean about not knowing if you chose the right major. also, it is frustrating to get to this point and then feel like it isn’t right.

    i agree with what aubrey and krissy said about creativity and careers. at the same time, i’ve often longed to go to some sort of art school or music school.

    bleh, it’s way too early in the morning to really answer anything effectively. just know that i love you!

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