I just bought a domain to house my original cross-stitch designs. They’ll be at http://fire-ice-designs. I’ve been working this weekend on a Halloween design. I’m going to have both free and (eventually) non-free charts. The ones that I don’t spend much time on or are not completely my creation (such as clip-art based ones) are going to be free. I’m not sure if the Halloween one is going to be free or not. I don’t intend on charging much…just a few dollars. Places that charge $60 for just a chart are ridiculus. I might decide to sell kits sometime too. For those of you who do cross-stitch (or if you don’t) would you prefer to purchase charts or kits? I kind of like buying kits myself. You get everything you need all in one place. Maybe once I have more items like floss and fabric, I’d prefer charts since I might already have the stuff.

  • I usually like buying entire kits myself, but I also like charts because then I can buy everything else seperately :). Knowing me, I’ll probably buy some stuff off of you!

  • I’d probably prefer to buy a kit just because I don’t have a lot of cross-stitching stuff laying around – and if you did offer them, I’d definitely buy at least one! 😀

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