I’m currently reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series again. I started Eye of the World last week. I read the series for the first time last March through May. I knew I’d read it again sometime but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. I needed something familiar to read that was comforting. I didn’t want to reread any V.C. Andrews or Dean Koontz or Stephen King because they’re just not comforting. I also didn’t feel in the mood for romance or mystery. So that left adventure or fantasy. I wasn’t in the mood either for Michael Crichton or Preston-Child books. I’ve only really read two fantasy series. One being Harry Potter and the other Wheel of Time. I did reread the first HP book recently but I’m currently listening to the other ones on tape while I drive to and from school. So that left Wheel of Time to read. I’m really getting more out of it the second time around. There’s so much stuff just in the beginning of the book that you only really understand after you read the whole series (well, what there is of it so far). I love rereading books.

  • I need to get ‘The Great Hunt’ from Scott when I”m out in Indiana because I’ve only read ‘The Eye of the World’ so far! I need to get my ass in gear when it comes to WoT, I swear…

  • you must try George R. R. Martin’s _A Song of Ice and Fire_ series – it’s wonderful!!

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