I got my books today, as planned. Except for my physics book, which wasn’t in yet. The total came to $334. I think. The physics book is going to be about $30. I got one book for principles of ecology, used. There was one big hardcover book for mineralogy and a smaller spiral bound book, both new. Then for cell biology there was a big hardcover and two packets of papers with 3 holes punched in them. One of lab exercises and one rather large one that contains outlines and data. There was a guy there at the biology section who said he took that class last semester and that it was a “fun” course. He said there was lots of work involved (*sigh*…sounds like another zoology where I spend all weekend working on it, every weekend) and I asked him if it was a good idea to get the optional material. He said definately the big packet because that’s pretty much what he teaches from. The other optional book was on writing scientific papers, but I didn’t get that.
The ecology books looks okay, rather interesting and easy to understand. Cell looked very boring (I love biology but really have no interest in cell biology). Mineralogy…well…I probably would have understood it about the same if it was written in some obsure foreign language. There was lots of diagrams of angles in the book. I didn’t like that. But, I knew mineralogy was going to be a hard course. Fortunately Kaycee-lynn is also in that class with me. We can be completely confused together. I didn’t except cell bio to be a lot of work (I guess it will be though), but I’m expecting physics to be (it’s a 5 credit course after all).
I’m still not looking forward to this semester.

On the way home we stopped at Nissley Winery. I got another bottle of their Fantasy wine, which I love. It’s a sweet rose wine.

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