what’s up

Last week Joe and I went to the Academy of Natural Science in Philadelphia. We had a great time, after finally finding our way there after ending up in New Jersey. *Why* am I always getting lost in New Jersey? Even when I’m not trying to get to New Jersey, I get lost there.
In a couple weeks we’ll be going to Hershey Park for his company picnic. I live only about a half hour from there. I love it, but I haven’t been there for about two years. There’s some new rides from the last time I was there.
I’ve been working on cross-stitch again lately. I abandoned my dragon for now and started working on the seashell series. I also have some that I bought that I need to add to my cross-stitch page.
I’m working on coming up with a new layout for here. I had an idea last night before bed and I may still use that. I was busy today though working on dinosauria. I’m pretty pleased with that site now. I do need to add pictures from the museum to it though.
Joe and I have been doing pretty good. On August 6 it will be our 10 month anniversary. Hard to believe it’s been that long.

  • I assume Hershey as in Hershey Bar ? I love Hershey bars but they are a bit thin on the ground over here. Can pick them up in the odd place but at high price. Happy tenmonthiversary when it comes :o)

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