I got my first tattoo (a bat on my right ankle) back in the summer of 1998. I’ve been wanting to get another one done for awhile but there was nothing I really wanted a tattoo of. Last night I was looking at the Plesiosaur skeleton I had put together last week and thought “it would be cool to have a Plesiosaur tattoo!”. It’s one of my favorite prehistoric creatures, I plan to go into paleobiology, and it’s geeky (as Joe said). It seems perfect. I’m not completely sure where I want it. The place I’m considering most is on the back of my right shoulder.

Here’s some plesiosaur pictures. I’ll probably use something similar to the first one but I’ll probably do my own outline of it in Illustrator. I want it to be a dark turquise, I think. Now I just have to convince Joe to pay for it 😉


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