In just a few hours

In just a few hours I will have book 5 of Harry Potter in my possesion. I’m very excited. I started reading after book 4 already came out, back in the winter of 2001. Someone had brought the audio versions into the file room at work and I listened to the first book and loved it. So I listened to the second one, but someone else was already listening to the third so I went out and bought all four books. I then read books 3 and 4, also listened to them, and read books 1 and 2. I’ve read them over many times since along with the schoolbooks she wrote. Harry Potter has been the subject of two of my school projects. I have a Ravenclaw banner over my computer and other Harry Potter items around my room. I’m extremely anxious for this next book.

  • Yay for Harry Potter! I have my copy now, and I haven’t read a lot yet but I plan to after I get off work today!

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