It’s April 7 and there

It’s April 7 and there is snow on the ground. I don’t remember this
ever happening before. We never get snow after March. I have to leave in
about 18 minutes to go to class. I spent the night at Joe’s since I had to
register for fall classes this morning. Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary.
We went out to eat at a really yummy place called Guido McNeals.
I have a
zoology test that I don’t think I studied enough for but I don’t really care
because it’s snowing and I’m sooo tired. This fall I’m taking Mineralogy,
Cellular Biology, and Physics I (the calculus based one). I may also be taking
more at HACC to finish my web design certificate. I’m waiting to hear from
my advisor if I can finish it by next spring.