I’m drinking a vanilla milkshake.

I’m drinking a vanilla milkshake. Yum. I need to study a bit for
chem. I’m not going to study too much. It seems that no matter how much or
how little I study, I get a C. I’m so scared of the final. It’s worth 20%
of our grade and covers both Chem 111 and Chem 112. But, I don’t have to
worry about that till May. Today it rained all day and was in the 40s.
Tomorrow is possible thunderstorm and high of 67. It’s been so long since
we had a thunderstorm. I don’t like rainy days like today but I do like several
kinds of rain. One is short spring showers where the temperature is fairly
warm, the rain doesn’t last long, and after it’s over everything looks and
smells so fresh. Another kind is summer evening thunderstorms. I was in
5th grade during Desert Storm. We wrote letters to the soliders over there.
There were yellow ribbons everywhere. Dad brought home these posters with
Saddam on them inside a target and other similar meaning ones. I took them
to school with me. The guy who sat next to me (who I happened to have a crush
on) said he’d take them home and copy them because everyone who saw them
wanted one. I was the most popular kid in class for a few minutes. I think
I still have one of them somewhere. I also kept a binder-type thing full
of articles I cut out of the paper about Desert Storm. Also a map that was
included in an issue of Time (I think). I still have that too.